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Laboratory of Ecological Genetics and Biotechnology

Head: Aleksandr V. Kilchevsky

Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor, a corresponding member


Key directions of scientific research:

  • investigation of genetic bases for productivity of agricultural crop formation and their quality on the basis of molecular genetic, biochemical and biotechnological approaches;
  • development of principles and methods for ecological plant breeding;
  • study of molecular genetic aspects of heterosis and distant hybridization of gramineous plants;
  • development and introduction of DNA-technologies for the breeding of major agricultural crops (tomato, pepper, potato, wheat, cabbage, flax, lupine, and corn);
  • Oncogenomics: a comprehensive analysis of the mutation and epigenetic variability of tumor diseases;
  • scientific and organizational work on the long-term high-quality storage and effective use of DNA sample collections and biological material: the Republican DNA Bank of a Human, Animals, Plants and Microorganisms.

Key publications:

  1. O.G. Babak, T.V. Nikitinskaya, K.K. Yatsevich, N.A. Nekrashevich, A.V. Kilchevsky. Development of DNA-markers to fruit quality genes of sweet pepper (Сapsicum annuum L.) // XVIth EUCARPIA Capsicum and Eggplant Working Group Meeting. Kecskemét, Hungary, 12–14 September 2016. − P. 137–144.
  2. L. Khotyleva, A. Kilchevsky, M. Shapturenko. Theoretical aspects of heterosis // Vavilov Journal of Genetics and Breeding. – 2016. – Vol. 20, No. 4. – P. 482–492.
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  4. A. Kilchevsky, O. Babak, S. Malyshev, V. Adzhieva, N. Nekrashevich, K. Yatsevich, A. Kondratyuk. DNA-typing of fruit quality genes and disease resistance genes of a tomato: methodological guidelines. – Minsk, 2016. – 41 p.
  5. N. Pydyura, G. Bayer, D. Galinovsky, A. Yemets, Ya. Pirko, T. Podvitsky, N. Anisimova, L. Khotyleva, A. Kilchevsky, Ya. Blyum. Bioinformatic search for flax cellulose synthase genes (Linum usitatissimum) and their phylogenetic analysis // Cytology and Genetics. – 2015. – Vol. 49, No. 5. – P. 3–12
  6. E.V. Krupnova, M.N. Shepetko, E.P. Mikhalenko, N.V. Chebotaryova, A.N. Shchayuk, S.N. Pissarchik, A.V. Prokhorov. The role of vascular endothelial growth factor in pathogenesis of the non-small cell lung cancer // Experimental Oncology. – 2015. – Vol. 37, No. 3. – Р. 213–217.


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