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Head: Oleg G. Davydenko

D.Sc. in Biology, Professor, Corresponding Member



Key directions of scientific research:

  • Use of DNA-markers in barley, soya and sunflower breeding;
  • Hybrid sunflower breeding on the basis of CMS (cytoplasmic male sterility);
  • Investigating the genetic history of the Belarusian population;
  • Genetic control of a number of diseases in the citizens of Belarus;
  • Whole-genome sequencing of barley DNA organelles; studying nucleus-cytoplasm interaction.

Key publications:

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  2. Kushniarevich A., Sivitskaya L., Danilenko N., Novogrodskii T., Tsybovsky I., et al. Uniparental Genetic Heritage of Belarusians: Encounter of Rare Middle Eastern Matrilineages with a Central European Mitochondrial DNA Pool. // PLoS ONE – 2013. – Vol. 8(6). – e66499. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0066499.
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