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Laboratory of Potato Genetics

Head: Aleksandr P. Ermishin

Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor


Key directions of scientific research:

  • investigation and use of the gene pool of wild potato species: genetics of prezygotic and postzygotic interspecies barriers in a potato and the development of methods to overcome them; the analysis of introgression of the gene pool of wild species into the breeding material, DNA-marking and mapping of introgressive genes;
  • optimization of the potato breeding process on the basis of breeding at the diploid level and manipulation with the starting material ploidy; the elaboration of breeding programs and development of the starting material for different stages of diploid breeding; use of DNA-markers in the potato breeding at diploid and tetraploid levels.

Key publications:

  1. Voronkova, V. Lisovskaya, A. Ermishin. Diploid hybrids among allotetraploid wild species of potatoes Solanum acaule Bitt., S. stoloniferum Schltdl. and dihaploids S.tuberosum L. // Genetics. – 2007. – Vol. 43. No. 8. – P. 1065–1073.
  1. Ermishin, O. Makhanko, E. Voronkova. Receiving of diploid potato breeding material on the basis of somatic hybrids between Solanum tuberosum L. dihaploids and a wild diploid species from Mexico Solanum bulbocastsnum Dunal // Genetics.– 2008. – Vol. 44. No. 5. – P. 645–653.
  1. Polyukhovich, O. Makhanko, A. Savchuk, E. Voronkova, A. Ermishin. Development of intermediary lines to overcome interspecies incompatibility in potatoes // Vesti, NAS of Belarus, Edition: Biological Sciences. – 2010. – No.2. – P. 51–58.
  1. Polyukhovich, A. Savchuk, E. Voronkova, A. Ermishin. Effectiveness of hybridization between Solanum verrucosum Schldl and 1EBN by wild diploid species of potatoes with use of extrapollination of their flowers with pollen S. phureja IvP 35 technique // Abstracts of NAS of Belarus. – 2011. – Vol. 55. No. 3. – P. 88–92.
  1. Yermishin, Y. Polyukhovich, E. Voronkova, A. Savchuk. Production of hybrids between 2 EBN bridge species Solanum verrucosum and 1 EBN diploid potato species // Amer. J. Potato Research. – 2014. – Vol. 91. – P. 610–617.
  1. Ermishin, O. Svitoch, E. Voronkova, O. Gukasyan, V. Luksha. Identification of the composition and allelic state of genes resistant to diseases and pests in potato parental lines by DNA-markers // Genetics. – 2016. – Vol.52. No. 5. – P. 569–579.


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