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Laboratory of Potato Genetics

Head: Aleksandr P. Ermishin

D.Sc. in Biology, Professor


Key directions of scientific research:

  • Investigation and use of the gene pool of wild potato species: genetics of pre- and postzygotic interspecies barriers in potato and the development of methods to overcome them; analysis of the introgression of the gene pool of wild species into the breeding material; DNA marking and mapping of introgressive genes;
  • Optimization of the potato breeding process on the basis of selection at the diploid level and manipulations with the starting material ploidy; elaboration of breeding programs and development of the starting material for the different stages of diploid breeding; use of DNA markers in potato breeding at diploid and tetraploid levels.

Key publications:

  1. Voronkova, E. V., Lisovskaya, V. M., Ermishin, A. P. Diploid hybrids between allotetraploid wild potato species Solanum acaule Bitt., S. stoloniferum Schltdl. and dihaploids S. tuberosum L. // Genetics. – 2007. – Vol. 43. No. 8. – P. 1065–1073.
  2. Ermishin, A. P., Makhanko, O. V., Voronkova, E. V. Receiving of diploid potato breeding material on the basis of somatic hybrids between Solanum tuberosum L. dihaploids and a wild diploid species Solanum bulbocastsnum Dunal. from Mexico // Genetics. – 2008. – Vol. 44. No. 5. – P. 645–653.
  3. Yermishin, A. P., Polyukhovich, Y. V., Voronkova, E. V., Savchuk, A. V. Production of hybrids between 2 EBN bridge species Solanum verrucosum and 1EBN diploid potato species // Amer. J. Potato Research. – 2014. – V. 91. – P. 610–617.
  4. Ermishin, A. P., Svitoch, O. V., Voronkova, E. V., Gukasyan, O. N., Luksha, V. I. Identification of the composition and allelic state of genes resistant to diseases and pests in potato parental lines by DNA markers // Genetics. – 2016. – Vol. 52. No. 5. – P. 569–579.
  5. Ermishin, A. P., Polyukhovich, Yu. V., Voronkova, E. V., Gukasyan, O. N. SvSv-lines as an effective tool to involve the valuable gene pool of 1EBN wild diploid potato species in breeding // Vavilov Journal of Genetics and Breeding. – 2017. – Vol. 21. No. 1. – P. 42–50.
  6. Yermishin, A. P., Levy, A. V., Voronkova, E. V., Polyukhovich, Yu. V., Ageeva, A. S. Overcoming unilateral incompatibility in crosses with wild allotetraploid potato species Solanum stoloniferum Schldtl. & Bouchet // Euphytica. – 2017. – V. 213. – P. 249 (an online publication of October 20, 2017).
  7. Yermishin, A. P., Voronkova E. V. Developmemt of initial material for marker assisted potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) parental line breeding at the diploid level // Agricultural Biology. – 2017. – Vol.52. N 1. – P. 50 – 62.


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