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Laboratory of Plant Cytogenomics

Head: Elena A. Sycheva

PhD in Biological Sciences


Key directions of scientific research:

  • cytogenomics of cereals for bread making, the investigation of structural and functional variability of genes at molecular and cellular levels in distant hybridization and polyploidy;
  • investigation of cell mechanisms for the microevolutionary differentiation of polyploid species of cereals (gramineous plants);
  • experimental transformation of the genetic structure of cereal crops (rye, wheat, triticale, secalotriticum) by chromosome engineering methods;
  • chromosomal and molecular marking of the new gene pool of tetraploid and hybrid (Cytoplasmic Male Sterility system) rye, recombinant tetraploid and hexaploid forms of triticale and secalotriticum; marker-assisted selection (MAS).

Key publications:

  1. Dubovets, E. sycheva, L. Solovei, T. Shtyk, E. bondarevich. Development and molecular cytogenetic marking of secondary chromosome-substituted forms of hexaploid triticale (×triticosecale Wittm.) // Vestsi, NAS of Belarus, Edition: Biological Sciences. – 2013. – No.4. – P. 35–44.
  2. O. Silkova, D. Loginova, Y. Ivanova (Kabanenko), E. Bondarevich, L. Solovei, T. Shtyk, N. Dubovets. Introgression of rye chromatin into the genome of soft wheat: cytogenetic aspects // Vavilov Journal of Genetics and Breeding. – 2014. – Vol.18, 4/4. – P. 630–642.
  3. O. Lyusikov, I. Gordei Cytogenetic stabilization of secalotriticum gemone (´Triticosecalederzhavinii secalotriticum Rozenst., et Mittelst., S/RRAABB, 2n = 42) // Cytology and Genetics. – – Vol. 49. No. 2. – P. 48–55.
  4. Y. Lipikhina, E. Evtushenko, S. Gatskaya, P. Stepachkin, O. Lyusikov, I. Gordei, A. Vershinin. Expression of gene activity of centromeric H3 histone in wheat and rye allopolyploid hybrids // Cytology. –– Vol. 58. No. 4. – P. 324–329.
  5. N. Dubovets, E. Sycheva. Microevolutionary differentiation of tetraploid species of gramineous plants by recombinant genomes’ development // Vavilov Journal of Genetics and Breeding. – 2016. – Vol. 20, No. 3. – P. 378–385.


I. Gordei, N. Belko, O. Lyusikov. Secalotriticum (×Secalotriticum): Genetic bases for the development and formation of a – Minsk: Bel. navuka, 2011. – 214 p.