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Laboratory of Plant Cytogenomics

Head: Elena A. Sycheva

PhD (Biology), Associate Professor


Key directions of scientific research:

  • Cytogenomics of grain crops, studying the structural and functional variability of genomes at molecular and cellular levels at distant hybridization, polyploidy and inbreeding;
  • Studying of microevolutionary differentiation mechanisms of polyploid crop species;
  • Experimental transformation of the genetic structure of cereal crops (rye, wheat, triticale, and secalotriticum) by chromosome engineering methods;
  • Chromosomal and molecular marking of the new gene pool of tetraploid and hybrid (CMS) rye, recombinant tetraploid and hexaploid forms of triticale and secalotriticum; marker-assisted selection (MAS).

Key publications:

  1. Dubovets, N. I., Sycheva, E. A., Solovey, L. A., Shtyk, T. I., Bondarevich, E. B. Development and molecular cytogenetic marking of secondary chromosome-substituted forms of hexaploid triticale (xTriticosecale Wittm.) // Vestsi, NAS of Belarus, Edition: Biological Sciences. – 2013. – No. 4. – P. 35–44.
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  4. Dubovets, N. I., Sycheva, Ye. A. Microevolutionary Differentiation of Cereal Tetraploid Species by the Formation of Recombinant Genomes / Russian Journal of Genetics: Applied Research. – 2017. – Vol. 7, № 3. – Р. 327–334.
  5. Silkova, O. G., Ivanova, Y. N., Krivosheina, E. A., Bondarevich, E. B., Solovey, L. A., Sycheva, E. A., Dubovets, N. I. Wheat chromosome instability in the selfed progeny of the double monosomics 1Rv-1A // Biologia Plantarum. 2018, V. 62 (2), P. 241–249; DOI: 10.1007/s10535-017-0757-0.
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