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Laboratory of Molecular Bases for Genome Stability

Head: Rosa I. Goncharova

Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor

e-mail: R.I.

Key directions of scientific research:

  • molecular genetic bases for integrity and stability of human and animal genomes in the norm under the influence of environmental factors and in pathological states;
  • stability and variability of the genome; antimutagenesis as an important way to maintain the genome integrity, stimulate vitality and productivity of animals, reduce a risk of common and oncological human morbidity;
  • improve a diagnosis, a prognosis and therapeutic approaches based on the study of genetic predisposition and molecular pathways of multifactorial diseases’ pathogenesis;
  • Oncogenomics: complex analysis of mutation and epigenetic variability of malignant tumors.

Key publications:

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  2. V. Savina, M.P. Smal, T.D. Kuzhir, A.A. Ershova-Pavlova, R.I. Goncharova. DNA-damage response associated with occupational exposure, age and chronic inflammation in workers in the automotive industry // Mutation Research. 2012. – Vol. 748, No. 1–2. – P.21–28.
  3. Hisar, T. Yanik, E.M. Kocaman, M. Arslan, A. Slukvin, R. Goncharova. Effects of diludine supplementation on growth performance, liver antioxidant enzyme activities and muscular trace elements of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) juveniles at a low water temperature // Aquaculture Nutrition. – 2012. – Vol. 18. – P. 211–219.
  4. P. Ramaniuk, N.V. Nikitchenko, N.V. Savina, T.D. Kuzhir, A.I. Rolevich, S.A.Krasny, V.E. Sushinsky, R.I. Goncharova. Polymorphism of DNA repair genes OGG1, XRCC1, XPD, and ERCC6 in bladder cancer in Belarus // Biomarkers. – 2014. –Vol. 19, N 6. – P. 509–516.
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