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Laboratory of Animal Genetics

Head: Mariya E. Mikhailova

PhD (Biology),  Associate Professor


Key directions of scientific research:

  • Search for molecular-genetic markers of economically valuable traits and the development of methods allowing the identification of the hidden carriers of hereditary animal diseases;
  • Genetic diversity study of agricultural and wild animals based on molecular methods;
  • Detection of genetic causes of hereditary defects of the cardiovascular system and atopic human diseases;
  • Advancing biotechnology and applying molecular-genetic methods to study hydrobionts in natural biotopes and aquaculture.

Key publications:

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  2. Mikhailova M., Voytyukhovskaya Y., Kireyeva A. Assessment of the genetic structure of European BISON (Bison bonasus L.) from Bialovieza by single nucleotide substitutions of DRB3 and DQB genes of major histocompatibility complex / Zubr i jego ochrona. Biuletyn. European Bison Conservation Newsletter (Redactor: Wanda Olech). – Warszawa, 2015. – Vol. 8. – P. 15–25.
  3. Romanishko, E. L., Mikhailova, M. E. Development of genotyping systems to identify SNP in 7-G162C and in3-G3072A in the IGF2 gene, which are used as meat production markers in pig breeding // Genetics & Animal Breeding. – 2015. – No. 4. – P. 23–26.
  4. Mikhailova, M. E., Kireyeva, A. I., Romanishko, E. L. Brachyspina – hereditary anomaly that reduces the cattle fecundity // Proceedings “Factors of organism experimental evolution”, Ukrainian Association of Geneticists and Breeders named after M.I. Vavilov. 2018 – Vol. 22. – P. 149–152.
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