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DNA Bank

Head: Aleksandr V. Kilchevsky
D.Sc. in Biology, Professor, Academician

DNA Bank includes the following thematic sections:

«DNA Bank of a Human»
«DNA Bank of Animals»
«DNA Bank of Plants»
«DNA Bank of Microorganisms»

Each section stores DNA and biological tissues (the original biological material from which a DNA sample was obtained).

DNA Bank is represented (for each thematic section) by:
• collection of DNA samples for the long-term storage;
• Collection of DNA samples for scientific purposes (used by depositors for their own needs; for the exchange of DNA samples among the Institute laboratories, Institutions of Belarus and other
countries involved in molecular-genetic research);
• Collection of DNA samples for commercial storage (biological material samples obtained from individuals and various Institutions are placed with this collection).

Priority areas of the DNA Bank activity:

• Development and implementation of coordinated, scientifically substantiated measures for the long-term and high-quality storage and effective use of DNA sample collections of a human,
animals, plants and microorganisms and the original biological material from which DNA samples were obtained;
• Compilation, storage and systematization of information on genetic material collections;
• Organization of effective interaction with other DNA banks and genetic material collections to be part of an international banking network to exchange DNA samples, technologies and information;
• Inventory and conservation of the genetic resources of rare and endangered species of plants and animals of the Republic of Belarus.