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Over 100 researchers, including 2 Academicians of NAS of Belarus, 3 Corresponding Members of NAS of Belarus, 9 D.Sc. and 37 PhDs, work at the Institute.

The Institute is the lead Scientific Research Centre of the Republic of Belarus in the field of genetics, genomics and biotechnology

Priority areas of activity:

  • research of structural and functional organization of plant, animal, human and microorganism genomes;
  • research in the field of Genetics and Cell Engineering;
  • development of genetic bases for the plant, animal and microorganism breeding;
  • development of genomic technologies for agriculture, healthcare, sports and environmental protection;
  • research in the field of biosafety;
  • delivery of services in DNA-marking and DNA-certification of plants, animals, humans and microorganisms;
  • collection and conservation of unique DNA-samples as a source of valuable genetic information;
  • monitoring of genetic resources of the Republic of Belarus, facilitation of access to genetic resources and benefit-sharing;
  • rendering of services in identification of genetically modified ingredients in food raw materials and food products.

Institute has 15 structural subdivisions:


  • Республиканский банк ДНК/The Republican DNA Bank