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Shareable Core Facilities GENOME

Head: Elena V. Guzenko

PhD (Biology)


The Centre is equipped with advanced laboratory facilities for a wide range of research in the field of molecular biology. Works are carried out by highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in research work.

Priority areas of activity:

  • carrying out of a wide range of research projects related to the identification of nucleotide DNA/RNA sequences of a human, animals, plants and microorganisms;
  • rendering services in molecular genetic analysis of DNA-samples;
  • methodological assistance and consultations in various fields of genome technology application.


Genome Wide Sequencer MiSeq, IIlumina, Inc, USA

Intended for high-throughput sequencing of a large number of nucleotide sequences of living organism genomes.

Small Footprint Robotic Station for Massive DNA-Extraction, Freedom EVO 75 (TECAN, Switzerland).

Genetic Analyzer 3500 (Applied Biosystems, the USA).

Intended for the detection of nucleotide sequence of DNA fragments, for SSR, LOH, SNP, MLPA, AFLP and t-RFLP analyses.

Next Generation Real-Time Amplifier CFX96 (Bio-Rad, USA).

Intended for carrying out PCR with real-time registration of reaction products.

Molecular Imager Pharos FX Plus Molecular Imager (BioRad, USA)
Fluorescence Reader for Fluorescence Detection of PCR End Products– SpeedScan
(Аnalytikjena, Germany).

Intended for qualitative and quantitative analyses of fluorescence-labelled PCR products of TagMan type and others.

Automatic Station for Disruption and Homogenization of Biological Samples

TissueLyser II (Qiagen, Germany)

Intended for disruption of biological samples.

All questions and suggestions related to the scientific research activity and equipment use should be addressed to:

SCF Genome

Tel.: +375 17 215 09 41/375 16 13